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Welcome to the Dead End Hotel. The Hotel was built in the 1940's but had to close in the early 1970's due to business declining after the mysterious death of Justine Brown. She was found hanging in one of the rooms. After further inspection, it was discovered that Justine had been brutally murdered and other bodies were discovered beneath the floor boards of the hotel. Due to the lack of technology, no suspects were ever found.

After being reopened after the investigation, guests began reporting sightings of paranormal beings and complained of unsual sounds, objects being thrown across the room, doors closing and many other strange occurrences. The apparitions frightened away the clientel and Dead End Hotel was forced to close its doors. It has remained abandoned until 2014 when it was unearthed by investigators from Midnight Terror Productions. The spirits have been awakened and they are seeking revenge.

For 2016, you will come face to face with a maniacal janitor and the dreaded hotel bar. Will you make it out alive or will you be the next victim of....the Dead End Hotel?

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