A Haunted Trail or Haunted Forest is a type of attraction that takes place outside in the woods, at a park, themepark or outside venue. Most haunted trails are close to a mile long and may include small buildings or huts that include various scenes you'll be forced to enter or walk past. The majority of haunted trails have lit paths or roped off areas if there aren't paths in the woods that have been made. Haunted trails include various rooms/scenes such as hillbilly huts, a haunted cornfield, a clown maze, movie themed rooms (Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers etc.), an alien invasion etc. Haunted trails may use tour guides, or they may allow visitors to walk alone like at Nightmare Forest. Unlike haunted houses, weather determines if the attraction will be open or not. The typical haunted trail lasts 1045 minutes. The tour time varies greatly depending on the customer's pace and size of the attraction.

So what makes a haunted forest so special? Traditionally, a haunted forest tends to be a more extreme haunt than a haunted house. Being out in the woods gives a sense that one cannot control the environment around you as opposed to a closed space. This freedom of space also allows scares to come from all angles making this type of haunted attraction more dynamic than a standard haunted house. That's not to say that a haunted house doesn't have it's share of tricks up their sleeve, but a haunted forest is generally thought to be a scarier and more fun haunted attraction.

When choosing a haunted forest to visit, it is smart to choose an event that has an enormous amount of experience. For instance, Nightmare Forest has been around for 15+ years and have an enormous amount of experience with creating trails, awesome scares, and making an overall fun event. Choosing a haunted forest or trail that has less experience could result in an event that is poorer in quality and has much more dangerous trails. Without the years of learning how to handle the environment, it is difficult to understand how to properly manage a haunted forest. We at Nightmare Forest have a high understanding of public safety and, most importantly, how to scare the snot out of you!

Take it from us, we have more haunted trail experience than anyone in the Louisville area. We are widely known to be one of the best haunted forests around. We pride ourselves on being the scariest haunted trail in town while keeping the event fun and safe. So when you choose what event to visit this fall, please make sure that you consider all of these factors before making your choice of haunt. I'm sure that you will agree that Nightmare Forest is THE haunted trail for you!

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